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Never Be Without Power

ROC #254292
ROC #254292


Emergency Service

(480) 430-1939

Never Be Without Power

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Life is too short to waste money

Take control of your electricity

Redline Electric & Solar has earned the solar industry’s leading recognition of PV Solar Installation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®), and is a NABCEP Certified Solar Installation Professional. NABCEP is the most highly respected and well established national certification organization for renewable energy professionals. Designation as a NABCEP Certified Solar Installation Professional is widely recognized to be the most important and meaningful certification of its kind in the solar industry.
  • Do you know how much the utility is charging you for power?
  • Who do you call when your power goes out?
  • Tired of rising electric rates?
  • Want to know how to save more money than your neighbors?
  • Did you know you could have free electricity?
  • Have you heard that solar is too expensive?

We don’t just care about power.

We care about you.

NABCEP PV Installation Professionals

More than 7,000 happy customers

Servicing the entire state of Arizona

Saving more than 5MM kWh annually

SRP & APS Approved Contractor


How do we deliver Awesome to our clients?

With our Awesome team, Awesome Service, and Awesome products.

  • Our team is Awesome because of the experience they have, the training they have been through, and the fact that they want to be better.
  • Our service is Awesome because of our 3 phase process, 24hr emergency response, and the support we have from one another.
  • Our products are Awesome because they are proven in the field, they come from reputable manufacturers, and the support they give us.
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