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Residential Electric Services in Tempe, AZ.

Redline Electric & Solar provides industry-leading Residential Electric services in Tempe, Arizona. To get started, give us a call at 480-430-1939 or submit an online request form.

Comprehensive Residential Electrical Services by Redline Electric & Solar in Tempe, AZ

Redline Electric & Solar, located in the vibrant city of Tempe, AZ, is a trusted provider of residential electrical services. With a commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Redline Electric & Solar offers a wide range of electrical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Redline Electric & Solar specializes in electrical installations and upgrades, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems in homes. From new construction projects to renovations, our skilled electricians are proficient in installing wiring, outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures. We can also upgrade outdated electrical systems to meet modern standards, enhancing the functionality and safety of your home.

Electrical Repairs

When electrical issues arise in your home, Redline Electric & Solar is ready to assist. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of electrical repairs, including troubleshooting faulty wiring, fixing circuit breakers, repairing outlets and switches, addressing lighting problems, and resolving electrical malfunctions in appliances.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Maintaining a safe electrical system is crucial for every homeowner. Redline Electric & Solar offers comprehensive electrical safety inspections to identify potential hazards, detect faulty wiring, outdated components, and recommend appropriate solutions. These inspections ensure the safety of your family and minimize the risk of electrical accidents or fire hazards.

Lighting Solutions

Redline Electric & Solar understands the importance of proper lighting in enhancing the ambiance and functionality of your home. We offer an array of lighting solutions, including installation and repair of recessed lighting, chandeliers, track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, and energy-efficient LED lighting options. Our experts can also assist in designing customized lighting plans to create the desired atmosphere in each room.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

Ceiling fans provide comfort and energy efficiency in homes. Redline Electric & Solar offers professional installation and repair services for ceiling fans, ensuring their proper functionality, balanced operation, and optimal performance. Whether you need a new fan installed or an existing one repaired, our technicians can handle the job efficiently.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Outdated electrical panels pose safety risks and may struggle to meet the demands of modern appliances. Redline Electric & Solar specializes in electrical panel upgrades, replacing old panels with advanced, code-compliant models. Upgrading the electrical panel enhances the capacity and reliability of your electrical system, reducing the risk of electrical overloads and ensuring consistent power supply.

Surge Protection

Power surges can damage sensitive electronics and appliances. Redline Electric & Solar offers surge protection solutions to safeguard your valuable equipment from voltage spikes. They can install whole-house surge protection systems, surge protectors at individual outlets, or recommend appropriate surge protection devices based on your specific needs.

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring

Whether you require new electrical wiring for a construction project or rewiring for an older home, Redline Electric & Solar has the expertise to handle the task efficiently and safely. Our skilled electricians ensure that the wiring meets electrical code standards, enhancing the reliability and safety of your electrical system.

Give us a call at 480-430-1939 to submit an online request form to get started with your solar or electrical services with Redline.

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Our Latest Projects

Our team can handle an array of residential and commercial electrical projects. No matter if you are needing a new generator, or looking to illuminate your office space, Redline Electric & Solar is the right call!

Ratings & Reviews

Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews!

  • 5 star Google Rating

    “I had several outlets that were suddenly without power. I checked the breaker. No problem there. Checked the outlets and couldn’t find a problem. Redline Electric & Solar sent Rick out who diagnosed and fixed the problem. Good guy. Good price. Good company. Good result.”

    – James S.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “Redline Electric & Solar provided the services as outlined in the quote. The technician showed up on time and was very professional and cordial. I like the fact that they give the customers whatever it they want done. I will definitely be using them again for future projects.”

    – Larry C.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “I have been with Redline Electric & Solar for a number of years ranging from a smartflower system to panels. They are very responsive to my needs and highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their home with reusable energy.”

    – Eddie D.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “All staff (and field personnel) were friendly and knowledgeable. When technician availability got squeezed, rather than making me wait for a custom fabricated generator-to-subpanel cable, their office reached out to offer direct pricing links to their suppliers to have one shipped directly to me. Above and beyond!”

    – Greg J.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “Great service and people. Thanks for doing a great job replacing our electrical panel. I’m no longer concerned about my house losing power. Would highly recommend again.”

    – Matthew H.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    I was very pleased with my experience with Redline Electric. They were on time and had excellent communication across the board; from the estimator, schedulers, and technicians. Would definitely recommend and will use them again.

    – Lauren Valentino
  • 5 star Google Rating

    We hired Redline Electric to come in and add more electrical outlets to support our incoming equipment. The team was responsive and booked us for the next day! Thank you for your help & we look forward to working with you again!

    – Elizabeth Curtis
  • 5 star Google Rating

    Quick response, analyzed my problem same day and proposed both short-term and long-term fixes. Prices quoted for each option were 30-to-40% lower than the big-name company I had look at it first. Work was done next day and the tech showed me all the replaced parts and reasons for their replacement. I was extremely satisfied and will use them from now on for sure.

    – Jim Prindiville

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