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Guarantee & Warranty

Our mission is to provide high-quality electrical and solar solutions while embodying our core values of sacrifice, humility, and accountability.

Guarantee & Warranty


The purpose of this document is to express our appreciation and dedication to delivering quality products & services. We have been in business since 2009 and pride ourselves on delivering Awesome to our clients. We use our core values of Sacrifice for Others, Move Without Fear, and Owning our Outcomes so you can have peace of mind that we are a partner you can trust!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Or as we like to say, “Satisfaction 100% Guaranspeed” ™
  • Our Clients hire us as experts in our field, and we promise to keep their best interests up front in everything we do. When something goes wrong, we will make it right!!!

Chief Operating Officer’s Guarantee

  • We promise to back up our work 100%. If you are not 100% satisfied, please call the office or feel free to go right to our Operations Director!
  • Marcus Soto #480-234-5622

Technicians you can trust

  • All of our Technicians have passed our extensive Drug screening and background checks.
  • We are consistently training and educating our team so we can better serve our clients.


Workmanship Warranty

  • The Arizona Registrar of Contractors requires a 2-year warranty for any contractor/construction project. We hold our technicians to a higher standard and will warrant our work from when it was installed for five years. Should any defect arise during this time, we will make it right! This means that we promise to install our work according to the standards current at the time of installation.
  • If ownership should change during this period of time, this warranty is transferable. We will honor or work with the new owners.
  • If our work has been altered or tampered with this warranty will be void.

Manufacturer Warranty

  • We use proven & trusted manufacturers for 95% of what we do, and those products are typically warranted by the manufacturer for 5 years. Electrical Panels have a 10 year Manufacturer’s warranty. Solar Modules and Inverters have a 25-year warranty.
  • Many common electrical parts are widely considered in the industry to be “non-durable”. Non-durable parts are designed to have a limited lifespan or service life expectancy due to many factors, including the nature of the intended use of the parts, environmental exposure and conditions, normal wear and tear, and installation location. Examples of non-durable parts include but are not limited to, items such as light bulbs or other lamps, transformers and ballasts, photocells and motion sensors, batteries, exterior devices or fixtures, and fuses.

Labor Warranty

  • There is a difference between Labor & Workmanship. We do our best to use tested and reliable products, however, we do not warranty labor for non-durable products or products installed that may be faulty due to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer includes a labor warranty, we will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to recoup the cost involved in replacing the faulty product(s). If they do not provide a labor warranty, it is the client’s responsibility to pay for the labor to replace the faulty product as this is essentially installing the project/product again.
  • This does not happen very often, and when it does happen, we take it on a case-by-case basis. We will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution.
  • We empathize with you and ask you to picture yourself in our shoes.


  • At Redline Electric & Solar LLC we stand firmly behind the quality of our work. In the event that a customer has reason to believe that work performed by Redline Electric & Solar does not meet industry standards for quality, Redline Electric & Solar will make every reasonable effort to inspect the work and confirm the quality of the installation. If Redline Electric & Solar determines that the quality of the installation does not meet industry standards or NEC requirements enforceable at the time of the installation, Redline Electric & Solar will repair the work at no additional charge to the customer Redline Electric & Solar reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the quality of the work performed by Redline Electric & Solar and to amend or modify this Warranty without notice at any time and for any reason.
  • The Workmanship Warranty extends only to work performed by Redline Electric & Solar LLC. Any repairs, modifications, or alterations of any kind made by others to any work performed by Redline Electric & Solar will void this Warranty and any associated Guarantees. This Warranty expressly excludes any parts, labor, or installations done by others. This Warranty does not cover replacement or repair costs for any work done by others. This Warranty specifically excludes and does not cover any damage resulting from acts of nature, abuse, misuse, or physical damage of any kind to the installation. 

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