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Electrical and Solar Company In Chandler, AZ

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Electric & Solar Services in Chandler, AZ

We’re the area’s leading electrical contractor also specializing in solar energy systems. Call today to see how we can help you!

You need to power your home to go about your daily routine, so why not turn to the power of the sun to supply your house with energy? If you’re ready to reap all of the benefits of solar energy, reach out to the specialists at Redline Electric & Solar. We are the leading provider of electric & solar services in Chandler, AZ.

Our licensed technicians understand the complexities of installing solar panels and repairing electrical systems. No matter what issue impacts your home, we work fast to give you an effective solution. You can count on our team to deliver exceptional service at a price that won’t break the bank.

Why just take our word for it? Read our customer reviews to see what your friends and neighbors think about our electric & solar services in Chandler, AZ.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Chandler, AZ

If you are yet to install solar panels on your roof, you are missing out on tremendous benefits. Using solar electric energy is a great way to save money on your power and cooling costs. It’s especially worthwhile to install solar panels in a city like Chandler, AZ, which receives ample sunlight most days out of the year.

In some instances, tax credits are also available as an incentive to go solar and rely on the sun’s renewable energy. You can certainly keep your wallet happy with all of these financial bonuses, but installing solar panels is also beneficial from an environmental standpoint. Solar energy is sustainable and can drastically reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Switching to this energy source means you’ll emit fewer greenhouse gases, which have a dire effect on the planet every time they penetrate the atmosphere.

Finally, going solar can give you peace of mind that you’ll have reliable electricity. The sun is readily available, so you can rest easy knowing that you can power your home even if you are in a remote area with no access to electricity. To reap all of these rewards, reach out to Redline Electric & Solar for professional electric & solar services in Chandler, AZ.

Signs You Need Solar Panel Repairs or Maintenance

Once we have installed solar panels, it’s crucial that you pay attention to them. Your panels will need basic maintenance and may require extensive repairs if you neglect them for too long.

We are happy to step in and provide electric & solar services in Chandler, AZ, when you experience any of the following issues with your solar panels:

  • Cracks or visible damage
  • Bird droppings or debris
  • A build-up of ice
  • Any loose wiring

In addition, keep an eye on your home’s power production. If you receive plenty of sunlight but suddenly experience weaker electrical capabilities, it’s likely your solar panels need repairs.

We can inspect the system and determine whether you need panel removal, reinstallation, or a solar battery replacement.

Why You Need a Professional Electric Company

Even the handiest homeowners should call a professional electric company when sudden problems pop up. Tinkering with major electrical systems when you don’t have the proper qualifications or equipment can be extremely dangerous. You put yourself at risk for severe injuries and electrocution if you don’t have the skills or training that a professional has.

In addition, it’s possible that you can do more damage to the overall system by attempting a DIY repair. A professional electrician with years of experience can better understand the wiring of your home and fix any problem without compromising your entire electrical system. Hiring a professional ultimately saves you time and money from fussing with electrical wiring yourself.

Count on the experts at Redline Electric & Solar to accurately assess your system, diagnose the root problem, and provide quick solutions. We follow the industry’s highest safety standards and promise to get your electricity up and running at an affordable rate. No other electric company in the area delivers superior service as we do.

Whether you want to install solar panels in Chandler, AZ, or want more information about them, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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When you need high-quality electric & solar services in Chandler, AZ, there’s only one team for the job. Redline Electric & Solar has your solution for solar panel installation, maintenance, and general electrical repairs. Call (480) 430-1939 to speak with a specialist or request a consultation today.

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Ratings & Reviews

Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews!

  • 5 star Google Rating

    “I had several outlets that were suddenly without power. I checked the breaker. No problem there. Checked the outlets and couldn’t find a problem. Redline Electric & Solar sent Rick out who diagnosed and fixed the problem. Good guy. Good price. Good company. Good result.”

    – James S.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “Redline Electric & Solar provided the services as outlined in the quote. The technician showed up on time and was very professional and cordial. I like the fact that they give the customers whatever it they want done. I will definitely be using them again for future projects.”

    – Larry C.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “I have been with Redline Electric & Solar for a number of years ranging from a smartflower system to panels. They are very responsive to my needs and highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their home with reusable energy.”

    – Eddie D.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “All staff (and field personnel) were friendly and knowledgeable. When technician availability got squeezed, rather than making me wait for a custom fabricated generator-to-subpanel cable, their office reached out to offer direct pricing links to their suppliers to have one shipped directly to me. Above and beyond!”

    – Greg J.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    “Great service and people. Thanks for doing a great job replacing our electrical panel. I’m no longer concerned about my house losing power. Would highly recommend again.”

    – Matthew H.
  • 5 star Google Rating

    I was very pleased with my experience with Redline Electric. They were on time and had excellent communication across the board; from the estimator, schedulers, and technicians. Would definitely recommend and will use them again.

    – Lauren Valentino
  • 5 star Google Rating

    We hired Redline Electric to come in and add more electrical outlets to support our incoming equipment. The team was responsive and booked us for the next day! Thank you for your help & we look forward to working with you again!

    – Elizabeth Curtis
  • 5 star Google Rating

    Quick response, analyzed my problem same day and proposed both short-term and long-term fixes. Prices quoted for each option were 30-to-40% lower than the big-name company I had look at it first. Work was done next day and the tech showed me all the replaced parts and reasons for their replacement. I was extremely satisfied and will use them from now on for sure.

    – Jim Prindiville

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