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Service Department Manager – Electrical Team

Position Overview

Empathy, Humility, and Accountability are Redline’s core values and what set us apart from other contractors. We are proud of the culture this team has built; our team members have chosen to support the community as a Redline employee, and it’s reflected in our long term retention rates. The Electrical Service Department Manager will become an integral part of this team and a vital component to the relationship with our clients!

Our ideal candidate is experienced in different electrical devices and systems; must be able to inspect, diagnose, and repair electrical malfunctions along with installing new items.


Duties & Responsibilities

Role Impact:

To ensure that field processes are understood and followed by all to create a consistent experience for every electrical customer, while keeping projects on track and under budget.


The service manager often is required to travel from the office to the job locations. This is a full time position and the service manager may have to work additional hours on evenings and weekends.

  • Lead the daily promotion of our core values and culture to team members and clients.
  • Plan, schedule, and route technicians to customer sites; driving down costs associated with vehicle maintenance, fuel, products, and labor.
  • Obtain engineering, permits, equipment, and other items needed to start out complete projects.
  • Review of employee competencies.
  • Work closely with our clients, sales department, and administrative department teams to provide the highest possible level of service.
  • Be available to answer customer calls regarding service questions and issues.
  • Work with sales staff to drive sales and service goals.
  • Maintain technician career paths and deliver service training for technicians.
  • Oversee and assure quality service training delivery by Redline Electric and Solar, LLC and third party trainers.
  • Ensure team goals, budgets and training objects are set, communicated, and achieved.
  • Prepare and monitor the team and all applicable reports.
  • Follow up with clients for feedback and New sales opportunities.
  • Attends regular meetings and reports to the COO.
  • Generator installation knowledge would be a benefit to this position.


As an industry standard, this position commands a salary which requires the following to be met:

  • Business degree or related professional qualification
  • Experience in all aspects of planning and implementing applicable strategies
  • Technical service skills
  • Proven experience in customer relationship management
  • Experience in managing and directing a service team
  • Relevant product and industry knowledge
  • Experience with relevant software applications
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Professional personal presentation
  • Organization and planning
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving
  • Information management
  • Team-leadership
  • Formal presentation skills
  • Adaptability
  • Innovation
  • Judgment
  • Stress tolerance
  • Estimating Background is a plus!

Benefits & Perks

$60,000 – $80,000 a year


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