Every company has a culture, a way employees and customers feel when they interact with it. If you think of a place you like to shop, you’ll have a feeling associated with shopping there. It’s the same with electrical contractors; we create a culture that permeates through to our customer interactions.

Unfortunately, with many home services companies, that culture is not terribly professional. You probably have stories of times you’ve interacted with a contractor and left the conversation with a bad taste in your mouth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Redline is changing that for electrical contractors in the Valley by embracing our motto: “I am Redline.”

I Am Redline
At Redline Electric & Solar, we live by our value statement:

I will
Sacrifice for others
Move without fear
And own my outcomes
Because I am Redline

In every interaction we have, whether with fellow employees or customers, we take to heart all of these principles:

I will sacrifice for others.
At every opportunity, we put others first. That comes through in how we support each other and our customers. Our employees are expected to do more than is expected to delight our customers.

I will move without fear.
Fear is a limiting factor for many people and in many circumstances. But we know that the worst that can happen out of moving through a fearful situation is minimal. We make it a commitment to always get out of our comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

I will own my outcomes.
It is the human condition to deny responsibility when bad things happen—mostly out of fear of the repercussions. At Redline, we value honesty and hard work above all else, so when anyone on our team makes a mistake, we embrace that. It’s always better to feel good about being honest and then clean up those mistakes.

Because I am Redline.
By uniting under a common goal, we create a team that is stronger than we could be individually. It’s more than a statement; it’s a way of operating in work and in life.

“I don’t ever think about working somewhere else. Josh is always helping me to become a better technician through training and mentoring. Redline has provided me with an opportunity to grow and a path for my future. I take pride in a job well done and am honored to say I am Redline.”
— Gavin Westphal, Service Technician