We are helping Homebuilders create better, more efficient homes, that sell faster.
We are a Homebuilder trade partner that cares about your brand and your promise to your customers. Our project management process and tools allow us to give the visibility you need to communicate with your team and clients.
We continue to provide Awesome Service after the Sale and handle all of the questions from the new system owners so the Homebuilder can continue to do what they are good at, building awesome homes!!!

Here at Redline, we work with you, the builder every step of the way to create a turn-key solution that fits into your homebuilding model. Whether you are providing solar as a standard on your homes or an option for your buyers, we can help.

We have a lot of experience in battery technology and have worked with many homebuilders in creating systems that can mitigate demand and that can adapt to the buyer’s lifestyle. We can also help you determine if demand mitigation is needed . Working closely with the utility companies, APS & SRP has given us the knowledge to help direct your buyers to the right energy plan that fits their usage.

Things to remember:

  • We are NABCEP Certified
  • Homes with solar sell faster.
  • Our communication keeps you informed and your projects on time.
  • We work hand in hand with your other trade partners to put the buyer first.
  • Our Black-on-Black panels look great!
  • We work with your HERS rater or can help you get your homes rated!
  • Solar pairs great with an electric car charger!
  • Go with our protection plus and make your systems stand out from the rest!

“Redline Electric & Solar is an Amazing trade partner that is with you through concept, engineering, installation, and customer service. Redline Electric & Solar gives us that, top to bottom, all-inclusive service that is important for our brand and our customers”

— CTO, Mandalay Homes

Questions? Contact us at or #480-430-1939