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ROC #254292


Emergency Service

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Never Be Without Power

Essential Solar for Essential Savings!


$0.00 Down Financing Available!!!

Essential Solar

We have taken our knowledge and experience to put together the following Awesome products so you can get the Essential System for Savings


As NABCEP Certified professionals, we know what we’re doing! We have combined the best solar has to offer in these packages. Let us show you!!!

Upgrade to Micro-Inverters

Microinverters are the best choice for many reasons including more efficient, more production, less shading issues, no bulky box on the side of your house, and better warranties!


Black on Black Modules gives you the most cutting edge technology and best looking system on the block! Don’t take our word for it, ask us for a reference from one of our many clients!

Lifetime Installation Warranty

We guarantee your system to be installed correctly the first time and the peace of mind it will last the life of your system

All Mounting hardware Included

We have included everything needed to get your system install. You will never be “Up-sold” or run into “Extra Costs” when you buy from us.

All Electrical Hardware Included.*

Your Essential System needs to be connected to your electrical service, and we know that! That is why this is covered in our packages and performed by us. Nothing is Subbed Out!

All Permits & Engineering plans Included

We provide a set of engineered drawings for every solar project we do, those drawings are used to pull city permits and to interconnect with the utility company. These are approved by the AHJ’s before your project begins, so you never run into any issues.

$1000 AZ tax credit through 2020

The State wants to help you Go Green by kicking in up to a $1000 in tax rebates

You Pay No sales Tax

As a renewable energy purchase, your system is exempt from taxes saving you approximately 5.6%

26% Federal Tax credit through 2020

Yes, your system is eligible for the 26% federal tax credit! This is like free money!

Solar Production Monitoring system

This monitor not only monitors your Essential Solar system in generating, but it also monitors your energy usage so you can finally understand your utility bill! It will also tell you which appliances you use most! Included in the Essential Plus+ & Protect Systems

Front Edge Skirt

Aerodynamic and sleek designs make this an awesome upgrade included in the Essential Plus+ System

Full Surround Rodent Guard

Stand out by blending in! This trim will fully enclose the surrounding areas of your system making it nearly impossible for any rodents to build their home under or damage any part of your system. With its unique design, it will leave your neighbors envious!

All labor included

All labor includes coordinating with the AHJ’s for inspections, clearances, site walks, and any other relates tasks for your project.
*Some homes may need a main electrical panel upgrade in order to accommodate for their new Essential Solar System, additional costs may be incurred…
Proposals were straight forward. Workers arrived as scheduled. The entire process was not without some hiccups but none of those pertained to Redline. They were great!
D. Allen